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Our services

After a long, cold Wisconsin winter, your lawn needs plenty of TCL so it’s ready for a vigorous growing season with minimal delay. Burkle Landscaping offers our clients a vast array of services ranging from concrete and landscaping details to lawn care and everything in between. Whether it’s mowing, edging, weeding or even watering, taking care of your lawn can be time-consuming. We can help transition your lawn into the next season effortlessly.


Not only will mulch make your garden look neat and intact, it also keeps your soil healthy, it regulates temperature and keeps weeds at bay. If you are ready to take your garden to the next level, then Burkle is there to help.

Tree TRimming


Trees add much-needed shade, privacy, beauty, and value to your backyard. Trees are a wonderful part of any commercial or residential landscaping masterpiece and can add curb appeal to any house if taken care of properly. Did you know that a mature tree, one that is older than 15-years, can have an appraised value between $1,000 and $10,000, according to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers? However, without proper trimming and maintenance, trees can become unhealthy and require more expensive and time-consuming removals down the road. Whether your tree is too close to a power line, or it just needs a little touching up, you can’t beat our experience or attention to detail.


Landscaping needs

A critical aspect of landscaping your lawn is knowing your expectations of the finished project. We take on jobs of all shapes and sizes and have experience meeting the diverse demands of commercial properties, as well as residential ones. It doesn’t matter what the task is, we will approach it professionally, efficiently and most importantly with your vision in mind.


Do you love the idea of a garden, but lack a green thumb? Don’t worry, you can borrow ours. We can help you plant that tree or shrub in exactly the way you envision it. With the same precision and attention to detail you would provide for your garden, if you only had the time.

Retaining Walls/Boulder Walls

Experiencing drainage issues on your property? We can provide concrete or boulder solutions to blend the wall seamlessly into the rest of your landscaping.

Excavating/snow removal

Burkle also proudly offers excavating jobs which are done safely and effectively by trained professionals. Snow in Wisconsin is a battle Madison businesses and homes fight for 6-months out of the year, every year. Don’t let snow get in the way of your day, whether you have a company to run, or a family to run, Burkle can move that snow quickly and professionally!

Patios: Concrete or pavers

Concrete patios are the best way to enjoy the lovely seasons of Wisconsin. These low maintenance spaces are easy to enjoy and maintain, and now easy to build, thanks to Burkle’s concrete paving services. Not only will we help you create the outdoor patio space you have always dreamed of, but with Burkle, you can trust that space will be sturdy and strong for years to come! Looking for something unique? Stamped concrete offers beautiful textures that will steal the show at your next backyard BBQ! Not only will we help you pick out the right design for your tastes, but we will expertly install your space like it was our own. Don’t trust this task to any contractor, trust the detailed folks at Burkle Landscaping.
We also pour concrete anywhere, efficiently and safely! No job is too small! Trust the experts with years of experience to help your project come to life.